News and events

News and events

The TMKM website has for long needed a place for posting news and events, and from May 2024 this is the new space for this. For older events, these will gradually be added to the website. Madsen is also currently working on a website dedicated to their doctoral research to soon be launched (watch this space for its release later in 2024).

Lithic Listening Walk

Tina Mariane Krogh Madsen facilitates a geologically informed listening session at Kitchen Lab Tarvo event on Sunday May 26th 2024.

Tina Mariane Krogh Madsen's listening sessions depart in Madsen's extensive work with listening as a part of their artistic practice and as a certified facilitator of Deep Listening from The Center for Deep Listening, founded by composer Pauline Oliveros.

The listening walk on Tarvo will thus activate tools from this way of working with both physical and aural listening, here extended through Madsen's artistic research in environmental affective relations, proposing an approach to multisensory listening with a specific geological departure-point which activates and considers lithic infrastructures around us.

The session takes place from 14.00-15.30 and is open for everyone regardless of age but will be conducted in English. Note the walk starts from Kitchen Lab Tarvo [See info below].



Villa Tarvo, Ritokallionpolku 8, 00330 Helsinki

If you have never visited before, please follow the public light traffic path-way that follows along the south-side of the expressway, turning left to walk up in the small hill, turning left at the top of the hill.

NB: Do not use the private path that leads past the red-roof-topped Villa.

Kitchen Lab Tarvo is in the front-facing room of the dark-grey-roof-topped Villa.

The door is the one facing you first, with porch, and has black Tarvo-heart shape in the door window.

[If you choose to take a taxi/Uber ride, suggest they drop you off at Gallen-Kalla museo car park, Espoo side of Tarvo, or Ridenjoy Wakeboard park on Helsinki side of Tarvo, which is Ritokallionpolku 3, then ask them to drive a little further, or walk the remaining distance].

Accessibility: Villa Tarvo (which hosts Kitchen Lab Tarvo) is 1.9 km from nearest buses & Tram #4. There are Helsinki City Bikes stands in Munkkiniemi (nearest ‘Laajalahden aukio’) and at Tavaspää, Espoo (‘Gallen-Kallela Museo’). Unfortunately Tarvo is not an universality accessible place. There is a 20-25 degree de/in-clining slope to reach and leave the villa. The entrance to the kitchen lab indoors has 7 steps (width 130cm), and a small entrance lobby of 90cm x 90cm, The terrace has 4 steps on side, but is better accessible one side with only 1 half-step.

Kitchen Lab Tarvo:

Image credit:

Malte Steiner, taken at Kulturhus Björkboda as a part of Tina Mariane Krogh Madens solo exhibition, (being) a multiplicity, 2023.