Obsessive Compulsive Acts

Obsessive Compulsive Acts, 2012 - ongoing

Obsessive Compulsive Acts part I: Facial Treatment (5 mins)

Obsessive Compulsive Acts is a performance series that explores and exaggerates the obssesiveness of beauty in today’s society. These are often absurd and can be a fixation for the person doing them. The obsessive compulsiveness reference is also inspired by the obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), where rituals controls a person’s actions, which I myself have had in my life for about 15 years.

The series consists of different beauty scores / instructions that are performed and repeated in a 5 minute duration. Each piece is a separate instruction performed. The first one will be ‘Obsessive Compulsive Beauty Act: Facial Treatment’. In this piece I am following the instructions as a mantra and an obsession. The movements are desperate and irrational. There is no speech, music etc. in the performance – only the sound of the acts themselves.

Instructions for Obsessive Compulsive Act I: Facial Treatment

Grated beetroot

Facial cream

Apply with circular movements in face; repeat

The piece is a part of an ongoing Beauty Process Series, which began in 2002. The series has primarily consisted of photography and video performances. This performance is also an investigation of the “intimate” space of the webcam / web transmission and the act of live-streaming-performance.


Performed live online for Lowlives 4 Networked Performance Festival April 28. 2012.

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