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My interests as a curator lies in the field of processual and performative art. This includes performance art, open technology, sound and conceptual strategies under all these fields of work. I have been working professionally as a curator since 2012, where I started my work at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Roskilde (DK) working with the new internet art portal Net.Specific. In 2013 I moved to Berlin (DE) to continue as a freelance curator, which also included the next Net.Specific exhibition and launch events. The next years were dominated by events and invitations for presentations and workshops as well as invitated writer for the Danish Association of Composers about notation and net art (2013), the Danish Artists Association in a thematic edition of their members magazine about digital art (2014) as well as writing two chapers to the anthology Cybermuseology published by Aarhus University Press (2015). In 2015 I additionally started lecturing in Curating on the Web for Node Center for Curatorial Studies in Berlin (DE), which is still ongoing as well as I in 2017 started a new course in Archiving, documenting and preserving ephemeral art. I also continued doing curatorial workshops and presentations as well as working with my own artistic projects.


In both 2015 and 2017 I received grants from the Danish Art Council to travel to Iceland to undertake curatorial research. The first trip was to Seyðisfjörður in the east of iceland, where I studied the local environments and its cultural growth for two months in October and November 2015. The second trip was to Reykjavik in September 2017, where the aim was to start an expansive curatorial research project evolving around Icelandic environmentl art, a project that is still ongoing and which will result in an exhibition in 2019 or 2020.


Additionally my interest in notation, scoring and instruction-based art has resulted in the development of a new platform and concept named Performance Protocols. This platform will be both an online curatorial project, where instructions, here named protocals will be exhibited under specific themes. The idea is to 3 times a year to create events where these instructions will be performed.

Curatorial projects

Net.Specific at Museum of Contemporary Art Roskilde (DK)


By creating the platform Net.Specific, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Roskilde wants to expand its exhibition practice and include the Internet - both by involving internet art as an art form and using the network as an exhibition space in its own right. The name Net.Specific is a reference to internet art which is born online, using the web as both material and artistic medium.


The project was active from 2012-2014, where I was the conceptualizer, project organiser and curator. Net.Specific hosted two exhibitions and two launch events. The exhibition space and its exhibitions can still be visited here (both English and Danish versions available):




















Exhibition 1: Communication Paths (2012)

Net.Specific opened on October 24. 2012 with the exhibition Communication Paths, referring to the communicative potentials and distributive nature of internet art. The title refers both to the paths and nodes, the Internet’s rhizomatic nature, as well as the communication and the language used in the network. The exhibition also shows the way to internet art anno 2012.


Exhibition artists: JODI, 0100101110101101.ORG aka Eva & Franco Mattes, Michelle Teran, Jens Wunderling & Philipp Bosch, Anders Bojen & Kristoffer Ørum.


Project coordiantor and curator: Tina Mariane Krogh Madsen



Exhibition 2: Performing the Media - Online Identities (2014)

Performing the Media is the second exhibition in the framework of Net.Specific, which deals with how identity can be constructed in online space and through the tools that the net gives the artists and users to work with. The exhibition frames a broad understanding of the topic and how personal representation takes different shapes, with the web functioning as a transformative and critical space for action.


Exhibition artists: Tobias Leingruber, Johannes P Osterhoff, Martine Neddam.


Project coordiantor and curator: Tina Mariane Krogh Madsen


The Performing the Media launch event was held at Supermarkt in Berlin (DE) on April 3. 2014.

The event featured a networked performance by artist Johannes P. Osterhoff, a FB resistance workshop by artist Tobias Leingruber, a talk and demonstration of the work My Desktop Life by artist Martine Neddam as well as an introductory speech by curator Tina Mariane Krogh Madsen.


Event reportage by Supermarkt:


Exhibition video created by Oncotype APS:

Notes for Net.Specific by TMKM, 2012

Capturing the Buzz: Documenting Participation Workshop

23. January 2014 @ 15:00 - 18:00 at Supermarkt, Berlin (DE)



"Hackers, artists, scientists, curators and everyone in between: you are invited to join us for this special workshop as part of VORSPIEL 2014 – transmediale Festival for Art & Digital Culture. We will challenge ourselves with the question of how to capture the audience participation of a time-based media artwork, especially if an art piece is going viral and people start to connect and respond to the work in various ways – by sharing, commenting or remixing it online. What does this mean for the documentation of this piece of art? Is participation creating a new “version” of the piece, with the participants as co-creators? Seeing that new dimensions and layers can be added through these forms of immediate interaction and communication, this raises new issues related to the lifecycle of a time-based media artwork – especially for those art pieces living outside of the museum and gallery context. This workshop will serve as an inventory for anyone who is interested in challenging their curatorial practice and reaching beyond the limits of artistic representation."


Organisers and event curators: Tina Mariane Krogh Madsen [Independent Curator] & Ela Kagel [Founder & Curator of SUPERMARKT].


Invited presenters:


• Maru Ituarte, visual artist and researcher with a formation in philosophy.

• Melanie Zagrean & Pierre Wolter, founders / curators of the gallery “Art Claims Impulse”.

• Wolf Lieser, founder of DAM GALLERY Berlin|Frankfurt.

• Robert Sakrowski, Art Historian. Founder & curator of e.g., and







Performative event at Agora Collective, Berlin (DE)

June 8. 2013


Relay Replay: Performative Feedback was a one-day event that explored how alternative ways of documenting performance art can be used as a type of communication between performer and audience, as well as between audience and artists themselves.


The event presented different participatory performances from artists who deal with the concepts of documentation and feedback within their practice. In this way, the event examined the concept of feedback as part of a dynamic system or loop, emphasizing that information in itself is not feedback unless it is translated again into action.


Curatorial statement:”As mediators, we are interested in the communicative potential of an art piece and how the passive, one way communication often used in art can be transformed into an active dialogue between audience and artists. Therefore, during the evening, the audience is invited to create alternative forms of documentation, not only sharing a common ground for experimentation, but also highlighting the potential of the documentation as material in itself that can be re-interpreted and transformed into something new.”


Featuring works by the artists:


Janine Eisenächer


Lan Hungh


Lynda Iman Ait Amer Meziane


Andrew and Caitlin Webb-Ellis


The event was a collaborate project curated by: Tina Mariane Krogh Madsen, Iohanna Nicenboim, Leela Shanker and Naemeh Shirazi


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