Curatorial projects

Net.Specific at Museum of Contemporary Art Roskilde:

By creating the platform Net.Specific, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Roskilde wants to expand its exhibition practice and include the Internet - both by involving internet art as an art form and using the network as an exhibition space in its own right. The name Net.Specific is a reference to internet art which is born online, using the web as both material and artistic medium.


Exhibition: Performing the Media - Online Identities (2014)

Performing the Media is the second exhibition in the framework of Net.Specific, which deals with how identity can be constructed in online space and through the tools that the net gives the artists and users to work with. The exhibition frames a broad understanding of the topic and how personal representation takes different shapes, with the web functioning as a transformative and critical space for action.


Exhibition artists: Tobias Leingruber, Johannes P Osterhoff, Martine Neddam.


Exhibition: Communication Paths (2012)

Net.Specific opened on October 24. 2012 with the exhibition Communication Paths, referring to the communicative potentials and distributive nature of internet art. The title refers both to the paths and nodes, the Internet’s rhizomatic nature, as well as the communication and the language used in the network. The exhibition also shows the way to internet art anno 2012.


Exhibition artists: JODI, 0100101110101101.ORG aka Eva & Franco Mattes, Michelle Teran, Jens Wunderling & Philipp Bosch, Anders Bojen & Kristoffer Ørum.


Project coordiantor and curator: Tina Mariane Krogh Madsen

Notes for Net.Specific by TMKM, 2012

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